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Hair services

Haircutting and hairstyling for boys

Haircutting and hairstyling  for girls

Bang-off        (Fringe / Bang Trim)

Blow Dry for Short Hair

Blow Dry for Long Hair

Blow Dry for Short Curly Hair

Blow Dry for Long Curly Hair

My First haircut Memories (Includes Haircut + certificate Card + Polaroid)

Little Fingers Services

Princesses Nail Care Package (Princess Mini-Pedi)

Mini Manicure (Cut/Cleaning/Pose)

Mini Pedicure (Cut/Cleaning/Pose)
Full hand and foot care (care Cream + Hands and foot Massage)

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our cosy playing area is a bonus.


Kids' safety is our utmost priority. From the flooring to the equipment used, everything will ensure high-quality safety for the kids and their parents. The colorful Rubber Vinyl Flooring avoids the risk of injury occurrence for the kids while they wait for their turn and play in the play area. All the equipment that we use is properly sterilized with the help of the Sterilization/UV devices installed in the salon.KidzKutz has cameras installed to monitor and maintain a danger-free zone for the customers and employees both. However. the first aid kit installed at  KidzKutz will serve as a great help in times of any sort of injury or unfortunate incident. Furthermore. we strictly prohibit the parents and employees from smoking as it is not safe for our young clients.